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Microsoft make some great hardware. At least, in theory. Their mice and trackballs are solid, offering the only consistent competition to Logitech, but their forays into gaming have seen mixed results.

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When the Playstation ruled the roost, Sony made use of two companies to make their pads. Mitsumi, the same company who manufactured Nintendo's SNES pads, made them, and so did ALPS. You may have never heard of ALPS, but they're a fairly large company. They make Alpine audio gear, keyboards for Apple, touchpads for Sony's Vaio notebooks, etc.
The Namco JogCon is unique among console controllers. It's the first force-feedback controller for any home game system, and it's still the only hand-held one. While several controllers offered 'force feedback' in the form of simple vibration, the JogCon was the first to offer real counter-active force to the player, fighting against the player's inputs to simulate real steering effects.

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Analogue controllers actually predate digital ones: the Magnavox Odyssey was the first console ever made, and it used an analogue paddle. The Apple II used analogue sticks, as did Atari's 5200, and until the mid 1990s Windows PCs used analogue controllers almost exclusively. Post-Odyssey consoles went with digital though, almost exclusively for a very long time. There were aberrations: notably analogue paddles from Atari and Nintendo (via Taito), for example, and Micomsoft released an analogue stick for the MegaDrive.

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